"The Art of Spray"
It's Not Graffiti!
I Own It

Martin Martinez  "Cosmo"

About Me

My Background

I've always been surrounded by Entrepreneurs..
My moms side was a family of bakers that owned their own Bakery & my dad was a Mariachi with his own group. So it was inevitable that my journey was to be something GREAT.    

I tried singing and quickly found out that I couldnt hold a note. 

I tried acting and learned that there was more to it than just reading lines and being a comedian was not in my path. Apparently I have a different sense of humor like a martini, it was a little dry.

On a family vacation to Mexico, I found myself walking their downtown streets and came across a man painting with spray. Intrigued, I watch the basics of what was start of spray paint art. 

My Medium

My only medium has been spraypaint. I've tried using pencils, acrylics and even airbrush...

But it just wasn't for me and I needed something a little more fast pace.

My Inspiration

My whole life music was a part of me.. my way of living was also a main factor and Peace. Peace in my surroundings was what it took to stay focused and then my Fans, guests and people that have supported my art for the last 3 decades, yes 30 years. Its been quit a journey and sometimes i feel like I'm just getting started

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