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A Trip to Space Camp"

(A story in rhyme)

The truck all packed, we gather up
All the maps we'd found
Excitement filled the air tonight
'Cause tonight we're Space Camp bound

Driving America's highways hour by hour
And mile after mile
Listening to songs long forgotten
Causing us to smile

Finally looking for the Saturn V rocket
The last mile, the last hour
A tired voice asks "Is that it?"
"No" comes the sad reply "that's a water tower"

We at last see our rocket
And pull into that special place
Adrenaline surging, no longer tired
We breathlessly pick up our pace

We go inside and are taken upstairs
Julie Ferris is stop one
She takes us to office after office
Introducing us to everyone

After getting our badges we wander around
Just checking out the place
The displays, the rockets, the training rooms
All devoted to Space

The next day Martin sets up
And starts to do his shows
Word spreads quickly throughout the Camp
And the crowd around him grows

Fascinated by Martin's art
The kids stare and stare
In the shadow of a Space Shuttle
Martin still can't believe he's there

Not allowed to buy a painting yet
The kids want to know why
New contracts are drawn up quickly
Enabling them to buy

Brought in to cater to the teachers there
It's a trip filled with surprises
Now with staff, kids and teachers combined
The sale of paintings rises

That night brings in Taylor Mali
A poet who also teaches
His words inspire the teachers, us,
And all the people he reaches

Day two Space Camp continues to embrace
Martin and his art
The kids swarm to him at every break
As he paints from his heart

Martin here at Space Camp is
A combination that just fits
The people in charge are excited also
With the response that Martin gets

Next Martin does paintings for the Shuttle astronauts
From STS - One-One-One
Although on a tight schedule they stop
To see what he has begun

After talking to the teachers, they stay behind just for us
For autographs and to shake our hands
It's amazing for us to get to meet them
With all their life's demands

Sold out on originals in advance all day
Martin paints all that he can
The people in charge of Space Camp want him back
And start to work on the plan

That night brings another event, this time
Featuring Martin and his art
Martin is brought before the Teachers of the Year
To tell them of his start

"Hit of the Camp!" exclaims Julie Ferris
As she presents Martin to the crowd
The response he gets from "The Best of the Best"
Must make him feel quite proud

Martin chronicles his life's ups and downs
And all that he's been given
He tells them how kids inspire him
And help him remain driven

He talks of his mother, family, and business experiences
And all that got him to here
He opens up and lets them know
All that he holds dear

How he never imagined he'd get this far
So he trys to always give back
To help kids as a positive role model
That sometimes they may lack

The teachers embrace him warmly
And applaud wildly from the heart
They're excited by his message
Of how he does his part

Graduation day for the kids and teachers
Is a day filled with fun
Parents come to see their kids
And a smile is on everyone

The venue for the graduation causes us
To move to somewhere new
Day one and two under the Space Shuttle, now day three
Under the Saturn V rocket too

Once again sold out on originals from early on
Martin trys to get more and more done
He pushes and drives himself
So more people can get one

Plans and contracts are already drawn up to have Martin back
At this Camp devoted to Space
Martin meets with people in charge at the end of the day
To arrange the time and place

Many plans are now in place
And they are working on much more
A place filled with kids and Space
Is exactly what Martin's for

By Allen Traub
© 8/7/2002