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A brief history of
Cosmo Universal Art

1991-1994---The First Years:
Inspired by a visit to Mexico when he was 17 years old, the images of Mexican artists in the streets lingered in his mind. He found the style intriguing and with the usage of spray paint, he creates an image into a craft. Martin began experimenting and, through the process of trial and error, he discovered various ways of expressing himself and creating cosmic illusions.

1994-1997---The Next Step:
Martin decided to take his work to the streets of Austin, Texas. It went well, but he wanted to conquer Dallas with his talent. He found a place within Trader's Village in Grand Prairie, Texas. After a little over a year, Martin took his spray cans to Deep Ellum in Dallas. Business was good, but his eye was on the West End Marketplace. After a few months at Deep Ellum, Martin was on the streets of the West End in downtown Dallas where he continues to attract large crowds.

1997-Present---The Word is Out:
Martin has been requested to perform his craft in places like Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Oklahoma, as well as numerous Texas cities. Eventually the media began to notice Cosmo Universal Art; various local newspapers, television, and radio stations have covered his story. Martin also volunteers as a guest speaker to emphasize to students the importance of "staying in school" and demonstrates how he uses spray paint as a livelihood. In July 1999, he opened his Gift Shop/Gallery at the West End Marketplace.

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